Campfire Songs Grades 4-6


Have your students develop musical literacy through singing, playing, moving, performing, creating, and listening actively.  

Our “Groove with the Guitar” concerts provide students with opportunities to experience the joy of making music in a variety of situations.  Students are encouraged to create their own compositions that express and communicate their ideas and feelings, and perform them for others.

Students are introduced to camping experiences through song including campfires, marshmallows, smores, fishing, canoeing, exercising, the beauty of nature and corny jokes.

Tunes on Campfire Songs Grades 4-6:

  • Fire’s Burning
  • When I First Came to This Land
  • Father Abraham
  • Land of the Silver Birch/Canoe Song
  • Down By the Bay
  • The Littlest Worm
  • Tony Chestnut
  • Quartermaster’s Store
  • The Garbage Round
  • Baby Bumble Bee
  • On Top of Spaghetti
  • Do Your Ears Hang Low?


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